Puck The Faerie Dragon: Five Heroes Can Stop It.

Puck The Faerie Dragon: Five Heroes Can Stop It.

Even though Puck the Faerie Dragon, looks like it won’t hurt you, trust us when we say it is a sneaky champion in Dota 2. That elusive hero who casts magic that act like they have no chill could make your team lose their cool and start pulling out their hair. Don’t be scared, though! We know about the top five puck counters who could save your team and end that summer dream you had.

Puck The Faerie Dragon: Letting Out Your Inner Frustration

Before we talk about the counters, let’s remember the pain that has been felt. Puck is very hard to catch because it has the amazing power to phase shift and blink away. A wise person once said that every dream must end. Well, here’s how you can wake up from Puck’s nightmare.

Puck The Faerie Dragon: The Night Stalker, who is also called the Nighttime Enemy

This is the hero you should use to fight Puck’s sneaky moves: Night Stalker. The Night Stalker can find Puck and stop its sneaky activities because it has great night vision and can move around quickly. Puck needs to be careful when night falls!

Puck The Faerie Dragon: The Titan that throws things, also called Tiny

Little is not a small size, don’t be fooled! Your team can easily hit Puck because this hero can throw it around like a rag doll. This will mess up its plans and make it an easy target. Any moves the Faerie Dragon makes to avoid being caught are useless once Tiny grabs Puck.

The third game is called Templar Assassin: Trap and Snap.

With the right set of tools that Templar Assassin gives you, you can beat Puck and trap him. There are traps in place that slow down and reveal units that haven’t been seen, so Puck won’t be able to sneak away without being caught. When you put the Templar Assassin’s quick damage together with the other factors, you have a good way to fight Puck.

Dragon Knight: The Fight Between Fire and Fae

How could anyone else be better suited to face magical beings like Puck than the Dragon Knight? Dragon Knight can take Puck’s attacks and fight back with fire because he is shape like a dragon and can’t be hurt by magic. Even though Puck might be hard to find, Dragon Knight is very good at fighting enemies from other worlds.

The Disruptor, which is also called the Disruptive Dynamo, is a force that turns things upside down to a whole new level. Your team needs a control freak like Disruptor to keep Puck in line. Disruptor is the best choice because it has skills like Glimpse, which can send Puck back to where it came from, and Kinetic Field, which can lock it up. You can finally say goodbye to those slippery escapes, Puck!

Last Thoughts: Ending the Puck Nightmare

Last but not least, you have finally found the best way to beat Puck with these five heroes. If you ever have to fight the Faerie Dragon. Pick one of these heroes and watch as Puck’s thoughts turn into a scary nightmare. I hope your AGENGACOR hunt went well, and may Puck stay away from your Dota 2 fights!